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Seeds of Change

Sabrina Kleiman

After living in a developing country for over 16 years, one starts to ponder about the so called realities of life and the necessities that westerners are brought up to believe in. This part of my life journey has enabled me to gain invaluable experience and insight into peoples’ lives and living in harmony with nature and the things that life brings on a daily basis.

A number of years ago, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to develop a 1.5 hectare property, which had been declared unproductive as no plants seemed to be able to survive due to its high levels of sandy soil and hence extremely draining properties. With no specific horticultural or agricultural background, I was surprised to be given an opportunity like this, however my love of plants and soil and natural affinity for working with both plants and animals obviously must have permeated. After a small amount of research with the relevant government departments, I soon discovered that this particular property lay directly above a natural underground waterway and that it in fact was located in an extremely fertile zone. It therefore only seemed logical to somehow stabilize and promote better retention of water in the top layer of sandy soil before any other attempts be made to plant deeper. This was successfully achieved by planting rows of pineapples, which very quickly multiplied and started producing in excess of 3 tonnes of fruit per year. One can imagine how satisfying a success of this sort can be. This property has since seen many more fruit trees planted to bear fruit prolifically and is now a magnificent citrus orchard. I have always marvelled at what nature has to offer if only one knows how to work with its resources rather than against it.

Since then, I have continued to work with fruit trees and other plants on larger properties but also decided to include my love and extensive experience of caring for horses in my day to day life. Once again, working with what nature provides you and has to offer rather than trying to work against it, is the key element.

We recently moved back to the Samford area in Queensland where we have been fortunate enough to be given the chance to set-up our own small hobby farm as well as being in the process of establishing a pet minding and mobile horse care service. The aim of this service is for us to come to you and tailor our services to meet your wants and needs, whether that be mucking out stables for you, preparing your horse for an event or looking after your goldfish so that you can go away for a romantic week-end. We also have room in our paddocks to agist two horses on short or long term.

The proposed farm layout that we are about to commence work on is a parcel of land which is 1.5 hectares facing north-east on a slight downward slope. At present it is fenced into two paddocks and was used alternatively for two horses that had been turned out to pasture until recently. As this property is now becoming a hobby farm, the aim is to transform the smaller back paddock into a fruit orchard with part of it sectioned off for free range chickens. The existing larger paddock that currently runs down to the west and north of the property will be divided into three separate areas: the west paddock, north paddock and centre yard where there is an existing 40m x 20m sand pad for arena use. To be installed directly above the sand pad is a north facing twin paddock shelter for grooming and protection from the elements. Rainwater collected from the shelter roof will be diverted into a tank that will feed two separate water troughs, and any excess water diverted to feed the row of deciduous trees planted on the north-easterly border.


Obviously, each step of the process to become a fully operational hobby-farm will be implemented in various development stages, and our flair for plant and animal care will guide us every step of the way. As part of our first stage we are very keen to start offering our pet minding and horse care services. So, if you have any comments, suggestions or would like to get in touch with us about our proposed services, please do so either by email on or by phone on 0424 225 669.